Monday, April 21, 2014

Missions Report

Philippines Mission Report

Evangelistic Outreaches

Philippines - Has over 7000 tropical islands and what a wonder to see the beautiful palm trees, fresh fruit and friendly people,  but yet in desperate need of the message of salvation. Tiger spent nearly 4 months in some of the most underdeveloped areas of the Philippines. Primarily in "Davao"  which is a neighboring island of Manila, about 2.5 hours by flight. In total there were 14 evangelistic outreaches, including the capitol of Nabunturan, with over 1000 governmental employees in attendance. This historic event was organized by one of the board members of the Governor. What an unforgettable moment, as we all sensed Gods presence sweep into the  auditorium towards the close of the service. The people were challenged to make a decision that would determine there eternal future and many prayed to receive Christ into there hearts right in the capitol building of Nabunturan, Philippines.

Health Fair

Davao Del Norte State College - Was our first "International  Health and Wellnes Seminar" as both faculty and students assembled. The purpose for the event was to emphasize the importance of "Eating Strategically", so many think that in order to eat healthy, you must deprive yourself. But the opposite is true Tiger explained "Make it fun, find foods that you enjoy, that are also healthy"   "Focus on winning the marathon, not just a 50 yard crash diet"  "It is better to be pro-active than reactive"

The second session was on building a "Healthy" spiritual life. Gods power came in an outstanding way, some of the students were in tears while others later testified of stepping into a deeper dimension in there prayer life. To God be all the glory for what he did  during this special time at Davao Del Norte State College. It is through your support that we were able to reach the lives of these beautiful people.

Business Workshops

In many ways, the west is much more advanced in terms of business, technology, and infrastructure than  developing countries such as the Philippines. After one of the outreaches, there was a couple residing in Panabo City,  who expressed interest in opening a dental center, with a  modern,progressive and cutting edge feel to it, but they still were not sure what direction to go in. Tiger's background is in marketing development, so after several hours of consulting, designing, and answering questions. "Diana Dental Center" was launched, the strategic planning, consultation and design was all provided free of charge because of the friends and partners of this ministry, and "Diana Dental Center" now sits in the heart of downtown Panabo City, Philippines.